Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements

Thinning hair has multiple root causes. Research shows that several underlying factors that affect overall health can profoundly impact your hair and everyone’s combination of causes is different. Nutrafol targets key factors that can shorten the growth phase, delay new growth, and cause new hair to grow thinner. 

  • Aging: The scalp loses collagen and elastin as you age, meaning it’s not strong enough to hold onto hair strands.

  • Nutrition: Nutrient deficiencies result from poor diet or a compromised gut microbiome. 

  • Metabolism: Influenced by inflammatory processes, high glycemic diet, and thyroid issues. 

  • Hormones: DHT sensitivity can be caused by genetics, stress, meds, poor diet, and toxins. 

  • Stress: Short-term or chronic, physical or emotional stress like a surgery or demanding job. 

  • Lifestyle: Refers to your surroundings, the products you use, and foods that you eat.