Dermal Filler

If you book a filler visit without a consultation, we will build the consult into the first part of your visit. Please understand that booking does not guarantee treatment; if the consult reveals that you are not a good candidate for the procedure we will not proceed. All decisions are made with consideration for your safety and the likelihood of a favorable result.


Smile lines: $750

Marionette lines: $750

Nasolabial folds: $750

Lips: $750

Mini lip fill: $495

Temples: $750

Chin: $750

Cheeks: $1500

Jaw: $1500

Have unwanted filler you need dissolved? We have the solution and can help you achieve the results you're seeking.

Elective Dermal Filler Reversal: $250/vial (minimum of 2 vials per visit; may require 4 or more depending on type and volume of filler to be reversed).