"Tox" Injections

Xeomin Area Pricing:

Forehead + Frown Lines/Elevens (includes arch lift): $500

Elevens only: $300

Crows' Feet: $325

Entire Upper Face (forehead, frown, crows, arch): $775

Arch Lift only: $150

Lip Flip: $150

Bunny Lines: $150

Gummy Smile: $150

Smile Lift: $150

Dimpled Chin: $150

Double Chin: $550

Vertical Neck Bands: $550

Necklace Lines ("tech neck"): $550

Masseter (square jaw/TMJ): $775

**Dose adjustments: If you paid by area and still have some unwanted movement after 14 days you may return for a dose adjustment. Those paying by area are entitled to ONE complimentary dose adjustment between 14-21 days after initial injection. After 21 days (3 weeks), any additional dosing will be charged for. No exceptions. Dose adjustments during weeks 4-8 and requiring 20 units or fewer will be charged our standard per-unit price of $13. Those paying by unit I'll be charged, per unit, for any additional dosing needed.