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LED Phototherapy uses powerful light energy to super-charge cell turnover, helping skin to heal and be more beautiful… naturally. LED treatments are completely pain-free and relaxing. Depending on outcome goals, a series of 5 - 8 weekly treatments are typically required to achieve desired results. May be added on after any facial treatment. Speak with your clinician today to learn about what our LED light therapy can do for your skin! 
  1. Decrease overall pigment and redness
  2. Improve skin texture, color and tone 
  3. Gradually fade the appearance of scars and stretch marks 
  4. Speed the healing of skin blemishes caused by acne and Rosacea 
  5. Stimulates deep collagen renewal to strengthen and tighten skin 
  6. Decrease post-procedure redness and swelling and shorten healing time 
  7. Heals and prevents new acne by destroying the sub-surface bacteria which causes breakouts
  8. Stimulates healthy blood circulation and creates healthy new vascularity 
  9. Reduces redness, flushing and broken capillaries 
  10. $50/session ($35 for members)