Mini Lip Fill

Jen demands excellence of herself and her team,  and only works with the best. She's handpicked Allie for this coveted role as her trainee and needs your help to give Allie opportunities to learn and grow. Allie has quickly become a talented injector and has an artistic eye for small detail- exactly what you want in the peson you trust with your lips!

We're seeking training models to receive discounted mini lip fills as Jen teaches Allie the art and science of perfecting lip injections.

Cost: $350


1. Virgin lips (no previous filler)

2. Age > 21

3. Not pregnant or breastfeeding

4. No history of anaphylactic allergic reactions (to anything)

5. No allergy to bee or wasp stings

6. No allergy to lidocaine

7. No dental work within 2 weeks before or after

8. No flights planned for a minimum of 2 weeks after injection

9. Must be available to return for a 2-week follow up

Text (615) 412-8552 if interested