Licensed Aesthetician + Spa Manager

Shea, a beauty professional for over 20 years, has been a licensed esthetician since 2005, working in prime locations such as Raleigh, NC, Nantucket, MA, and Brentwood, TN. 

Shea began her career as a makeup artist at a day spa in West Michigan but soon realized there was so much more to makeup than just its application, understanding that healthy, happy skin was the best canvas for her artwork. Having struggled with her own skin issues, Shea understands the confidence that clear, healthy skin brings, and loves watching her clients thrive as their skin conditions improve. 

Shea is passionate about continuing her education and is regularly seeking new ways to improve her practice and the care she provides. Shea loves to teach and encourages her clients to be active participants in ther care, knowing that the more they understand the "why" behind her recommendations, the better results they'll achieve. 

In addition to all things skincare, Shea also specializes in laser therapy, including hair and tattoo removal, skin tightening, and pigment correction and has completed advanced training and certification in Hydrafacial, The SaltFacial, Ultherapy, RF microneedling, and body contouring. A woman of many talents, Shea is also a licensed manicurist, specializing in natural nail care. Pedicures are, after all, facials for your feet! 

Shea grew up on Lake Michigan and considers herself a "water girl", which is one of the many reasons she loves Nashville so much. She lives in Hermitage with her husband, Isaac, and two rescue pups, Daisy and Cash. She firmly believes in "adopt- don't shop". In her spare time Shea loves to kayak and volunteers with Save Our Herders Outreach (SOHO), a herding dog rescue. Strongly tied to her wonderful family, Shea hopes to be just like her mom when she "grows up". Shea wears multiple hats for us as both a busy aesthetician and also as our spa director. Come see her soon and allow her to help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals!