Allyn Aesthetics was founded in 2019, designed to bring an array of medical and non-medical aesthetic, wellness, and boutique shopping services to the beautiful people of Mt. Juliet and the greater Nashville area.

Just East of Music City, Mt. Juliet is a wonderful place to live and work, offering proximity to the city with a small town feel. We are conveniently located at the corner of Mt. Juliet Rd. and Division Street, right in front of the Vintage Station North apartments. Allyn Aesthetics is proud to offer services in a clean, modern space with abundant parking, close to shops, restaurants, and the Music City Star rail line.

Allyn Aesthetics is Nurse Practitioner owned and operated with the collaboration of Dr. Lorina Poe.

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To help our clients look and feel their best, boosting energy and self-confidence by nurturing both inner and outer beauty. To offer our clients myriad ways by which to achieve their beauty and wellness goals. To provide natural-looking aesthetic enhancements, medical-grade, results-driven skincare, current and expert-level styling, and top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to optimize beauty and wellness.


To become Mt. Juliet's premier destination for non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, skin care, aesthetics, and mind/body wellness. To grow our brand as a name recognized for superior professionals who provide elite-level care and achieve dramatic, consistent results, while optimizing client safety and satisfaction.



Nurse Practitioner + Owner

Allie Burke, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse Lead

Lorina Poe, MD

Supervising Physician


Licensed Aesthetician + Spa Manager


Licensed Aesthetician


Licensed Aesthetician


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Cosmetologist, Salon Manager, Front Desk Manager


Client Services Representative


Client Services Representative + PA student


Client Services Representatives

Although there are so, so many, one of the most important lessons I learned from my parents is the importance of giving back. Mom and Dad routinely gave to local and national charities, but it wasn't until we lost Dad that I truly knew how many other "behind the scenes" donations he made, allowing local students to have opportunities they wouldn't have otherwise had, taking care of unspoken needs of people both inside and outside his circle, supporting dreams, and providing stability, much of which he did without any of us knowing (except Mom, of course).

In the spirit of Allyn family values, I too try to give back where I can, and take special joy from finding someone or something local that I can quietly make a difference for. I've cultivated a team of wonderful humans who share our values, give back in myriad ways on their own, and who get so excited when we plan charitible events or donate to their favorite causes.

I've listed below some of the local organizations we've supported over the years, but this is by no means a comprehensive list of the vast needs in Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, or the greater Nashville area.

To incentivize giving, show us your donation receipt and we'll give you 10% off your next visit.

- Jen

The Mount Juliet Animal Shelter Volunteer Organization is a non-profit organization that supports the local Animal Control of Mount Juliet, TN.


To engage the hearts, hands and minds of Mount Juliet to help abandoned, lost, and stray animals.

To educate the community in the humane treatment of animals.

To help Mount Juliet Animal Services maintain a low euthanasia facility through mandatory sterilization of all animals before placement.

To promote financial support and volunteerism.

Bring proof of your donation to your next appointment and get 10% off your service!
The Mount Juliet Challenger Baseball League exists to provide opportunities for intellectually and physically challenged individuals to participate in the game of baseball in a recreational, non-competitive setting.

Bring proof of your donation to your next appointment and get 10% off your service!
The Mt. Juliet Help Center is dedicated to providing temporary & emergency food, utility, & clothing assistance to families in western Wilson County. Their purpose is to help bridge the gap when families are unable to provide basic necessities. We offer compassionate support & maintain the dignity of our clients while partnering with local churches & other community organizations. Current donation needs are posted every Wednesday and can be dropped off at Allyn Aesthetics.

We'll give you 10% off your visit for each time you donate!
Sherry’s Hope is dedicated to sharing the hope of Christ, protecting the health of our community, and supporting those who are fighting cancer. They strive daily to be good stewards of the funds that are entrusted to them, to share the love of Jesus with the families they serve, and pray for God’s continued blessings, grace and faithfulness; that we may show Him to all we encounter.

Join the Allyn Aesthetics team for Sherry's Run- show us your registration or donation receipt for 10% off any product or service!
The Joe Beretta Foundation provides emergency housing, emotional support, holiday outreach, short-term financial assistance, and more for patients in four hospitals in two cities (Nashville, TN, and Pittsburgh, PA).  

Since their inception, they have assisted 600+ individuals, provided over 1,400 nights of stay, and prevented 50+ families from facing the impossible choice between medical homelessness and hospice.

Your donation can help fund a family's meals and lodging, and/or the construction of "Papa Joe's House", a home where several families can stay during the most trying times of their VAD or heart transplant journey. The proposed build site is located right in our community of Mt. Juliet.

Bring proof of your donation to your next appointment and get 10% off your service!
Wilson Rides helps to preserve the quality of life and foster a connected community for older adults in Wilson County by providing safe transportation to local destinations.

Bring proof of your donation (money or time) and get 10% off your next service!
Ambria's Oasis was founded in honor and remembrance of Ambria McGregor, a Mt. Juliet teen who tragically lost her life after a motor vehicle accident in 2022.

The organization's mission is twofold:

1. To provide a place of restoration and renewal for parents and/or children who are grieving the loss of a child and/or sibling.

2. To raise awareness and promote road safety in the form of proper signage, guardrails, etc.

Bring proof of your donation to your next appointment and get 10% off your service!

5-Year Anniversary Party

Come party with us as we celebrate 5 years in business! Click "READ MORE" for details (hint: lots of prizes and special, event-only pricing!). Register now and receive an extra raffle ticket!

  • Date: 08-29-2024 16:00
  • Location: 2091 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN, USA (Map)

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  • $1,188/year
  • Annual value: $1,680
  • Tan weekly for a year!
  • (save >$10 per tan)
  • See FAQ page for rules and restrictions

Laser Hair Reduction

  • $4,788/year
  • Annual value: $10,000+
  • Unlimited laser hair reduction
  • See FAQ page for rules and restrictions

Body Sculpting

$3200/3 Months
  • 3 month unlimited single area body sculpting (save $1000!). Additional areas 20% off.


  • $2,388/year
  • Annual value before discounts: $2,780
  • Membership benefits:
  • One time $100 product credit
  • One monthly 60 minute signature facial ($1,680 value)
  • Add dermaplane or stimulator peel for $50
  • Upgrade to Hydrafacial, SaltFacial, or level II-III peel for $100
  • 50% off Xeomin injections (save $1,000+)
  • 10% off all other skincare, aesthetic, and body sculpting services (unlimited value)
  • See FAQ page for rules and restrictions


  • $9,588/year*
  • Annual value before discounts: $16,250
  • Membership Benefits:
  • One Ultherapy face + neck ($5,250 value)
  • One Pure Plasma face + neck ($1,750 value)
  • Three Morpheus8 face and neck ($3,750 value)
  • One SaltFacial, Hydrafacial Deluxe, or dermaplane facial monthly ($3,000+ value)
  • Unlimited upper face tox ($2,500+ value)
  • 20% off all other skincare, aesthetic, and body sculpting services (unlimited value)
  • 10% off products (unlimited value)
  • See FAQ page for rules and restrictions

Become an Allyn Aesthetics VIP without a monthly membership fee!

A one-time fee of $2500 unlocks 10% off products and 20% off services for a year!

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Sign up for a Signature Membership and get a FREE ZO skincare kit.


Sign up for the Elite Membership and get 2 FREE body sculpting sessions ($700) value!


Sign up for a Deluxe Membership and get your choice of 3 FREE laser hair reduction treatments OR 3 FREE body sculpting sessions (>$700 value)!


Sign up for a Platinum Membership and get 3 FREE laser hair reduction treatments AND 3 FREE body sculpting sessions (up to $1500 value)!

Consultations are a great opportunity for you to come meet us and see the space and for us to learn more about you and your goals.

In many cases, consultations are also a legal requirement prior to receiving certain services. Light and energy based treatments such as IPL, laser, RF microneedling, body sculpting, Ultherapy, and Pure Plasma, as well as injectables, microneedling, and deep peels are all considered medical procedures.

By law, every client seeking to undergo one of these medical treatments must first be seen and evaluated by a medical professional that is licensed to diagnose and prescribe (nurse practitioner, physician assistant, MD or DO). For this reason, if you wish to schedule one of these treatments, expect that you'll be asked to come in for a consult first.

Whenever possible, we'll schedule your consultation with our nurse practioner and one of our aestheticians at the same time so that we can give you as much information in one sitting as possible!

Consultations are $50, due at the time of booking. This non-refundable fee not only holds your appointment but will be added to your account as a credit to be used toward any service booked within 30 days. Fee is forfeited after 30 days or in case of no-show or late-cancellation.
How does Botox work?
Botulinumtoxin-A, commonly referred to by the trade name "Botox" is a neurotoxic protein that prevents muscle contraction.

Strategically injected in small amounts specific areas of the face, botulinumtoxin prevents the muscle contractions (such as raising the forehead or furrowing the brow) that cause wrinkles.

While most of us call these neurotoxins "botox", much like we call all tissue "kleenex", Botox is simply a brand name.

Your provider may use other similar products such as Xeomin, Dysport, Jeuveau, or Daxxify.

Please note that every one of these products is a medication and can only be prescribed by an appropriately licensed professional (MD, DO, NP, PA, Dentist) and can only be legally injected by an RN or any of the profesionals listed above.

In the state of TN, it is illegal for an aesthetician to inject any medication. Please do your research and don't hesitate to ask your provider for their credentials!


At Allyn Aesthetics we LOVE Xeomin (#smarttox), a clean, safe, and effective option for relaxing your wrinkles! Xeomin has no preservative proteins, which decreases the chance that you'll develop an allergy or resistance to the product. Xeomin is priced by area and includes a complimentary 2-week dose adjustment if needed. For those who prefer to pay by unit, we charge $13. Please note that with unit pricing, additional dosing is not complimentary.

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  • $14/unit.
  • Not eligible for area pricing.
  • Not included in memberships.


  • $15/unit
  • Not eligible for area pricing.
  • Not included in memberships.


  • $15/unit
  • Available upon request.
  • Must purchase 100 units.
  • Not eligible for area pricing.
  • Not included in memberships.



Full: $750
Mini fill: $495
Starting at $1500 
Starting at $750

Starting at $1500

Filler: $850
PRF: $850

Hydrafacial Keravive

Hydrafacial Keravive is a first of its kind 3-step treatment that includes an in-office component, as well as a 30-day take-home spray. Use alone to improve scalp health and promote new hair growth or pair with Nutrafol Supplements and PRF + PEP Factor for maximum results. Included free with purchase of PRF + PepFactor hair restoration series of 4 (save $2,100). 20% off with single session of PRF + PepFactor hair restoration if booked the same day.

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Harness the power of your body's own fountain of youth coupled with powerful growth factors and peptides for maximum scalp stimulation and hair regrowth.

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Call or text to book: (615) 412-8552

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Myers Cocktail for the win!

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BODY (Regular Pricing)

FACE (Regular Pricing)

Important Info



We use the Spectrum by Rohrer, a 5-platform laser device that, with the change of a handpiece, can be used for hair reduction, spider vein reduction, tattoo reduction, erbuim ablative resurfacing, and IPL.

How it Works

Erbium laser is passed over the skin in measured lines in order to provide full coverage treatment. Some downtime is involved with results feeling much like a mild to moderate sunburn beginning approximately 45 minutes after treatment. Over the next several days the skin will peel, revealing the bright, fresh, youthful skin beneath.


All clients desiring laser treatment must first undergo medical screening by a qualified medical provider. This visit will take approximately 30 minutes and will include review of past medical and surgical history, medications, allergies, and risks/contraindications for laser treatment. Following your screening the provider will determine which (if any) laser services are appropriate and will write treatment orders for laser technicians to follow. Please come to this visit prepared with any questions or concerns so that we can ensure they are all addressed prior to your treatment.


Face $850
Face + Neck $950
Face + Neck + Decollete $1050
Hands $750

We use the Spectrum by Rohrer, a 5-platform laser device that, with the change of a handpiece, can be used for hair reduction, spider vein reduction, tattoo reduction, erbuim ablative resurfacing, and IPL.
The intense pulsed light (IPL) has four filters that technicians can utilize for various non-abrasive procedures, including acne reduction, vascular and pigmented lesions removal, hair reduction, and the famed and ever-popular photo-facial.
All clients desiring laser treatment must first undergo medical screening by a qualified medical provider. This visit will take approximately 30 minutes and will include review of past medical and surgical history, medications, allergies, and risks/contraindications for laser treatment. Following your screening the provider will determine which (if any) laser services are appropriate and will write treatment orders for laser technicians to follow. Please come to this visit prepared with any questions or concerns so that we can ensure they are all addressed prior to your treatment.


Brow Lamination + Tint + Wax

Microneedling is done using a "pen" with 36 tiny needles that cause controlled-depth injuries to the skin, triggering more rapid cell turnover and induction of collagen.


Face: $475
Face + Neck: $575
Face + Neck + Chest: $675

Microneedling + PRF


Hydrotox Microneedling Facial



Buy 3 or more and save 20%
Pure Plasma is a state-of-the-art aesthetic treatment that provides highly effective, minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation. It works to reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and improve skin texture and tone.

The platform uses ionized gas to form plasma, and a thermal effect that is applied directly to the skin’s surface. The plasma energy does not destroy tissues and is not chromophore-dependent so it is safe for all skin types. Plasma energy bypasses the epidermis, seeking water molecules in the dermis, causing a thermal reaction that tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, and improves skin texture and tone while also stimulating collagen and elastin production.

This is a fantastic tool to target signs of aging such as laxity and fine lines, as well as to treat the upper and lower eyelids to tighten and remodel the skin. Pure Plasma prices start at $750.


Skin is cleansed, toned, and assessed before a mask is applied and a neck and shoulder massage is performed. Finish with medical-grade products and voila! This is an excellent introduction to professional skincare. $95

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Experience the beauty of a treatment customized just for you! Unlike at other spas where you're charged for each "add-on", our skin specialists have the freedom to use any and all of the tools, products, and special touches they want to give your skin exactly what it needs without adding to your bill. Extractions are included, if desired. Our customized signature facial is followed by a rejuvenating session under the LED light that, depending on the wavelength selected, can brighten, tone, reduce redness, increase collagen growth, and kill the bacteria that contribute to breakouts. $140

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All the incredible skincare of the 60 minute facial with additional massage time to allow you to completely unwind and relax. $175

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Adding a jelly mask is a luxurious way to not only augment the results of your facial, but also correct, heal, and soothe your skin's imperfections with essential nutrients, botanicals, and antioxidants. If that's not enough- this is by far our most relaxing treatment! $175

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Specialized facial including dermaplane, an ultra exfoliating procedure in which a blade is used to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face. The result is baby soft and smooth skin that will allow better penetration of skincare products. Dermaplane is recommended monthly for best results. $175

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Every bit of your skin deserves love, not just your face! Out of sight, out of mind, the back often gets overlooked. But, this is an area that greatly benefits from some extra attention, especially in preparation for swimsuit and backless clothing season! Your skin specialist will analyze your back's specific needs and customize a treatment just for you. Our back facial includes LED light therapy to help decrease inflammation and control breakouts. $140

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It's never too early to learn to take care of your skin! With less "fluff" than our more relaxing adult facials, this one's all about education and teaching good skincare habits to our clients aged 10-17. Our aestheticians will consult with you and your child about daily habits, skincare concerns, and current regimen, and then develop a facial tailored to those needs. Please note that a parent or guardian must accompany all minors. $115

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The SaltFacial is a revolutionary, three-step journey to resurface, regenerate, and rejuvenate the skin.

Step one uses a specialized handpiece that allows for closed-loop sea salt exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells.

Exfoliation is followed by an ultrasonic facial massage that uses sound waves to create channels between skin cells, allowing for deeper penetration of treatment products. A variety of hydrators, correcting serums, and peels are available for use during this step; you and your practitioner will decide together on the best option to meet your skin's needs.

The third and final step is LED light therapy. Depending on your skin's particular needs, you'll be placed under the lamp for a relaxing 9-20 minutes.

Your service concludes with post-care products and SPF and you'll leave with a gorgeous rosy glow!
Whether you're looking for a light resurfacing or a deeper, medical-grade peel, we have several options to meet your needs. Peels are comprised of a variety of acids that aid in the removal of the tougher outer layers of the face, neck, and decollete, revealing the youthful, bright, and healthy skin underneath. While light peels are typically safe for anyone at any stage in their skincare journey, deeper, more aggressive peels are reserved for those clients with healthy skin that has been pre-conditioned with medical-grade skincare for a minimum of 4 weeks (6-8 weeks is preferred).  
Light peel that provides exfoliation and a visible glow without the downtime of signifcant peeling. $95
Medium-depth peel. 7-10 days of peeling is possible; plan accordingly. Consultation required. $175

Deeper, more aggressive peel. 10-14 days of peeling is possible; plan accordingly. Consultation required. $250



Asclera (Polidocanol) Injection is an FDA approved prescription medication used for the treatment of spider and reticular veins in the lower extremities. Asclera is injected into affected veins, causing them to seal shut and be reabsorbed into the body. The affected veins then fade from view over time. Depending on the extent of veins needing treatment, more than one session may be required.
At Allyn Aesthetics we use a long-pulsed yag laser, one of the many wavelengths available on our Rohrer Spectrum device. The laser seeks out the pigment in the blood cells within the vein and denatures them, causing them to become sticky, thereby sealing the valls of the vessel together. Some tiny veins are obliterated right away while other, larger vessels may require several treatments for eradication. We do not treat large, bulging, or obviously sclerosed (corded) veins. 

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Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound to lifts and tighten tissue by triggering the strengthening and regeneration of collagen. While there are several options on the market for tightening the skin, this is the only device that is FDA cleared to LIFT. Annual treatments recommended. Pricing starts at $1250. Consultation required for customized treatment plan.

Brow Lift

Lift those arches! This service tightens the tissue above the brow and induces collagen production, resulting in a more lifted brow. Summer Sale: $750

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Lip Lift

Lift and plump your upper lip, tighten perioral tissue, and better define those lip borders... without the needle! Results typically lasts 9 months to a year. Summer Sale: $750

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Lower Face

Tightens and lifts from the cheeks down to include the double chin. Summer Sale: $1,950

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Full Face

Includes brow lift, cheeks to double chin, and lip lift. Summer Sale: $2,250

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Tighten skin and induce collagen production for gradual lifting and tightening of the neck. Summer Sale: $1,750

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Chest (Decollete)

Smoothe and tighten signs of aging on the chest. Summer Sale: $1,250.

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Lower Face + Neck

Covers area from cheeks down to collarbone. Summer Sale: $2,500

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Full Face + Neck

Summer Sale: $2,950

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Neck + Chest

Summer Sale: $1,950

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Full Face + Neck + Chest

Summer Sale: $3,250

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