We are excited to announce the introduction of SCULPTRA to Allyn Aesthetics! SCULPTRA is a market-disrupting biostimulator that helps your body create more of its own collagen.   By the age of 45, most of us may have up to 25% collagen loss, and SCULPTRA addresses an underlying cause of facial aging: collagen loss. SCULPTRA increases your skin’s collagen by 66.5% after 3 months, and continues to work for at least two years. The FDA has even approved the term the “SCULPTRA GLOW”, as SCULPTRA increases the integrity of the skin, and 95% of patients see an improved skin glow for an average of more than 2 years after their SCULPTRA treatment. Sculptra treatments are performed 2 vials at a time, for a total of 3 sessions (6 vials). Normally priced at $850 per vial, we're offering a limited quantity at a very reduced price: Buy 3, get 3 at 50% off (save $1,275!)

$3825.00 $5100.00-25%