Carmen Noel
02 Mar

It seems like jade rollers and Gua Sha tools can be found everywhere these days, and I often get asked if tools like these are beneficial in day to day skin care routines.  While I do not believe they will reshape your face or snatch your jawline - they do have some important purposes and uses that you can mix into your weekly regimen.  

The word Gua Sha means ‘to scrape away illness’. It is an ancient practice that has roots in Chinese Medicine and can be used as a full body treatment, but more recently has gained popularity for facial routines.

Gua sha can eliminate fluid build- up which can reduce puffiness, increase circulation in blood supply to face, and relieve tension from muscles.  Unlike our cardiovascular system, which uses our heart to pump blood through it, our lymphatic system circulates lymph fluid by our muscles moving and contracting. Gua Sha is helpful for lymphatic drainage in our face because we don’t move the muscles in our face very much - so, moving the lymph through the system can eliminate that fluid build up.

It is important to go in an upward and outward motion when using Gua Sha and only applying light pressure by gliding over facial oil.

You can use your Jade roller like your Gua Sha tool, but without the need for glide oil. It can be calming and meditative to help relax and ease muscle tension. Jade rollers can be kept in the fridge to gentle roll under your eyes to alleviate puffiness when you wake up. I love to use a jade roller over a sheet mask to press the serum deeper into my skin.

Both techniques help to boost circulation and send freshly oxygenated blood to the surface of your skin, leaving your complexion with a rosy, radiant look.

Some tips when practicing with either the Gua Sha tool or Jade Roller:

-Apply the tool flat against your skin

-Do not use on broken or compromised skin

-Wait 2 weeks after filler or tox injections before resuming Gua Sha or Jade Rolling

-Make sure skin is lubricated with facial oil to give it an easy glide when using the Gua Sha Tool

-Be sure to clean tool after each use  

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