GREAT NEWS: We've partnered with Liquivida to bring you the very best in IV infusion therapy!

With Liquivida's Nutrient IV's, this virtually painless therapy treatment will help you feel your best! Like many things in life, there isn't one particular IV therapy solution for everyone's unique needs. See the "menu" tab for IV drip options available that are uniquely developed for your needs & wellness goals.

What to expect: 

You'll meet with one of our registered nurses to review your health history, talk about your wellness goals, and determine the best drip for you. We will review any medications you are currently taking (bring a list) and want to hear about any and all allergies you have. Expect to have your blood pressure and pulse checked, lungs listened to, and ankles checked for swelling as part of the assessment process (if you have unacceptably elevated blood pressure or signs of fluid overload, the infusion will not be administered). 

If an IV infusion is right for you, the nurse will place an IV in your arm or hand and begin your infusion. 

Expect that the whole process may take an hour, though some infusions run faster and some take more time. You'll be guided to one of our comfortable recliners, offered a blanket and noise cencelling headphones, and asked to silence your phone. Nothing left for you to do but RELAX and enjoy the many benefits of your infusion! 

* IV therapy may be added to service visits of an hour or more on designated days and times- if interested, please mention when booking.

** IV drips are not intended to treat illness. Please do not come to the lounge if you are sick.