Infusions: $185

  • Rise and Shine (hangover helper)
    • We've all had one of those nights where we've had

      one (or a few) too many cocktails, or simply could not get the best night's sleep we should have gotten. The Rise & Shine Drip was developed precisely for these moments and will help reinvigorate your mind & body.

  • Fountain of Youth (beauty booster)
    • Poor eating habits and dehydration can have a significant impact on your skin's appearance. This drip helps detoxify and replenish the body with nutrients that nourish hair, skin, and nails so they appear healthier, resulting in a more youthful appearance over time. Includes glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that aids in the removal of free-radicals while lightening and brightening the skin. 

  • The Executive (mental clarity)
    • This blend of vitamins helps allows you to enjoy the best life has to offer well after you clock out of work. You'll feel sharper and clearer to perform daily activities with precision.                     
  • Natural Defense (immunity)
    • When taken by intravenous infusion, Vitamin C can reach much higher levels in the blood compared to when the same amount is taken orally. This immune-boosting Vitamin IV Cocktail incorporates powerful antioxidants to fight against airborne illnesses, helping you improve the body’s ability

      to withstand stress.

  • Anti-Aging (anti-oxidant power punch)

    • Glutathione recycles antioxidants in the body, playing a vital role in the detoxification process in our bodies. This regenerative antioxidant is so powerful that when at appropriate levels in our bodies it can keep us optimal. Most people see immediate benefits for their skin, often times lightening and brightening the skin's complexion.