01 Feb

Ah, February, the month of love...

I know I'm always complaining about the weather but what is there to love about the cold, dreary, post-Christmas slump we're all in, not to mention January- the LONGEST month of the year?? I mean really, is it too much to ask for a girl to get a little warm sunshine this time of year? Lucky for you it is warm and cozy at Allyn Aesthetics and we have just what you need to boost your mood! Times like this, when it's too miserable to be outside, are a perfect opportunity to take a little "me time", and work on your goals for great skin in the new year. With decreased sun exposure, this is also a great time to get in for a peel, laser, or IPL!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we have a couple of lovely specials starting today- keep reading for all the details!

If you haven't been in recently, we'd love to welcome you back- we've likely made a few changes since we last saw you. If you're new to the newsletter- welcome! I send these once a month and fill them with as much pertinent info as I can so we're not spamming your inbox every week! I try to deliver everything in bite-sized pieces so you get the pertinent info without having to read a novel- please feel free to let me know what you like or don't like, or how I can make these newsletters better and more useful for you. I am also currently working on back-filling all prior newsletter content onto our website as a sort of "blog" you can refer back to. Stay tuned!

As a reminder, we do not accept appointment requests through email or social media messenger. Please only reply to this email if we've specifically solicited a response, as the inbox is largely unmonitored. To book an appointment*, please click this link or call/text (615) 412-8552.

*Booking tip: the end of the month is REALLY busy. Everyone's scrambling to get appointments at the last minute and we often can't accomodate all of your requests, especially if they're for evenings or Saturdays. If your schedule allows, consider trying to get in during the first 2 weeks of the month when we have a little more flexibility.

Here are the bullet points for the month if you want to skip ahead: 

  • New team member: Welcome Graham!
  • Staff favorites: Carmen
  • Service highlight: Morpheus8
  • February specials: Lips, Lashes/Brows, and Brazilians!
  • Membership update (current and former Elite members please read)
  • Policy reminder: Children
  • Cherry financing: No new info, just a reminder and application link if you need it!

Thank you all!

With love,

Jen & the Allyn Aesthetics team 

New Team Member

We're thrilled to announce that Graham Collins has joined the Allyn Aesthetics team! She's an absolute gem that you're all going to love and we're super excited to have her! Read below for her bio and be on the lookout for her next time you're in!

Graham is a Nashville native who received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from South College. She has spent the past five years working in one of Nashville’s top cardiac intensive care units. Her passion for helping others through using her critical thinking skills has also earned her the respected role on their ECMO/critical care transport team where she is trusted to assist in transporting some of Tennessee’s sickest patients. Although majority of her experience has been spent caring for critically ill patients, Graham has always felt pulled toward aesthetics, gaining a deep appreciation for the industry through her own personal skin care journey. Her bedside experience has equipped her with the ability to think critically, flourish in a fast-paced environment, and also develop meaningful relationships with her patients. She is eager to blend these skills with her love for aesthetics in order to provide the best for her Allyn Aesthetics' clients!Graham lives in East Nashville, where she enjoys attending concerts and finding new restaurants. She loves to travel, and recently had the opportunity to spend seven months travel nursing in Maui. While there, her favorite experience was diving with the sharks! When she’s not working you can find Graham spending time with friends and family, playing tennis, or doing anything outdoors.


Staff Favorites: Carmen

Favorite Products:

ZO Growth Factor Serum 
"This is my go to night cream. I always like something that feels richer at night and this gel moisturizer feels so good going on and I wake up with my skin feeling hydrated."

Allyn Aesthetics Radiant Defense
"I love that this skin barrier cream also has Vit C in it, so it's two steps in one! It feels great, smells great, and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow."

Favorite Treatment

"My overall tone, texture, pore size, and laxity has greatly improved with regular Morpheus treatments. I feel like it has turned back the clock for me, so I love recommending it to my clients. The downtime is the same, if not faster, than traditional microneedling - but you are getting the tightening and collagen stimulation with the radio frequency pulse."

Carmen's Daily Skin Care Routine:

ZO Exfoliating Cleanser
Allyn Aesthetics Clarifying Pads
Allyn Aesthetics Correct & Perfect
Alastin A-luminate
Alastin Eye Restoration
Allyn Aesthetics Radiant Defense
Alastin Hydratint (doubles as my foundation)
2-3x/week: ZO Exfoliating Polish

1st Cleanse - PCA Cleansing Oil
2nd Cleanse - ZO Exfoliating Cleanser
ZO Daily Power Defense
ZO Wrinkle and Texture Retinol
ZO Growth Factor


Service Highlight: Morpheus8

Morpheus8 RF microneedling is not only Carmen's favorite service but is by far one of our most popular treatments!

Morpheus8 has long been hailed as the standard of excellence in RF microneedling, delivering targeted energy just where you need it most.

Morpheus8 pairs microneedling with radiofrequency energy to smoothe and tighten by remodeling skin and subdermal adipose tissue. RF microneedling is a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis, which firms, tightens, and remodels the skin. Morpheus8 is great for areas of laxity on the body, and is especially popular for jawlines, double chins, and loose, post- weight loss skin!
Book a Morpheus8 series today and experience the Allyn Aesthetics difference- your skin will thank you!

Have additional questions about Morpheus8 or wondering if it is the right treatment for you?
Call or text to book a consultation: (615) 412-8552.  

February Specials

50% off off lash lift + tint or brow lam + tint ($47.50 value)
with purchase of a Brazilian Wax

Free lip flip ($150 value)
with purchase of a Mini Lip Fill

Free lip flip + PCA Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster ($200 value)
with purchase of a Full Lip Fill 


Did you know we offer memberships? This can be a great way to save money while keeping yourself on track to meeting your skincare and aesthetic goals!

Not sure if a membership is right for you? Do the math and find out! All prices are listed on our website so we encourage you to simply add up the monthly or yearly cost of all of the services you'd like to do and see if the numbers make sense.

In addition to the listed benefits, our members enjoy brighter, more even, and healthier skin, increased self confidence, a deeper, more personal relationship with their service providers, access to member-only gifts, events, and discounts, priority booking, and much, much more.

We guarantee that if you plan to visit us regularly you WILL save money, and quite possibly thousands- check out the table below!

** For those members unhappy with the Elite membership change: 

It is never easy, as a business owner, to make the decision to increase prices. It is for that reason that the Elite membership stayed as it was for so long, despite costing the business money. When we made the tough decision to change the terms a bit, so that they made sense in light of increased product and supply cost, we gave everyone a year to get used to the idea, rather than switching you over right away.

Most have been very gracious about this, understanding that this makes sense for the business and recognizing the tremendous value the Elite membership still holds. If you're on the fence and considering quitting your membership just to "stick it to 'em" because you're mad, I encourage you to look at the numbers and see what you'll be missing out on:
$199 x 12mos = $2,388 that you pay over the course of the year
Subtract $100 that we give you back right away to use toward skincare products,
and your annual cost drops to $2,288

You get 12 Signature facials ($140 each) included, for a value of $1,680

Subtract the cost of those 12 facials ($1,680) from your annual cost ($2,288)
and you have $608 left of your total annual spend.

Average cost of tox per year (upper face every 3 mos = $3,000) at half price = $1,500
(this is not counting the one lower face area I've been adding on for free)

$608 (amount left of your membership fee) - $1,500 (half price tox) = -$892.
This means you're getting a MINIMUM of almost $900 in FREE tox each year.

Add that nearly $900/year savings to the additional 10% off you'll get off all other skincare, medical aesthetic, and body sculpting services and the potential savings
is in the thousands of dollars.

We respect your choice if you still want to leave, and we will welcome you back with no hard feelings if you change your mind. We absolutely guarentee that you won't find that same savings anywhere else. If you'd like me to run your individual numbers reply to this email and I'll shoot you a breakdown.  

1. Memberships start on the 1st and 15th of the month.
2. Twelve-month commitment required.
3. You must keep two valid payment methods on file at all times.
4. Benefits do not accrue- use 'em or lose 'em.
5. In case of early cancellation we square up the numbers: we add up the full price of all services received and subtract the amount you've paid thus far and you owe the difference.


Policy Reminder: Children

We love children and several of our staff members have children of their own. However, we've yet to have a child come to an appointment that wasn't a distraction to their parent. When we're consulting with you about medical procedures, we need your full attention. When we're performing injections that require precise placement, we need to do so in a safe, distraction-free environment. When we work hard to create a peaceful, quiet, calming, and relaxing atmosphere for our clients, it is our responsibility to ensure that isn't disrupted. We also take safety very seriously, and will never allow any scenario to occur that might jeopardize that for our clients or our staff. And, in some cases, the law prohibits a child to be present at all for some services. And if that's not reason enough, consider this: you deserve some distraction-free YOU time and to be able to fully experience and enjoy the service you're paying for.

So, our position not to allow children to accompany you to your appointments it is not because we don't love children or don't value your role as their parent. It is because we care about you, have a duty to you and all of our other paying clients, and truly want the best experience and outcome for your visit.

As a reminder, we do not allow children to wait in the lobby or waiting room unaccompanied as we do not have a childcare provider on staff. Please do not leave your children in your car. Please ensure that if your child will be in the waiting room or lobby with a supervising adult that they are set up with a quiet activity to keep them occupied.

If you are in a bind, please communicate with us before bringing your child to your appointment, as you will be asked to reschedule.

Want to finance your visit? Cherry can help!

Did you know we offer financing through Cherry?

This is a simple, streamlined process with near-immediate approval for credit scores as low as 520. And, not only is the application process quick and painless, but it doesn't affect your credit! It's easy to choose your terms and manage all info/payments/etc directly from the app.

Cherry is not a line of credit but rather an option like Afterpay to spread your payments out over time. After you're approved, your offer is good for 30 days and funds are only redeemable at Allyn Aesthetics.

Interested in seeing what you're qualified for? Here's the link!

Have additional questions? Call/text us at (615) 412-8552.

* The email will not be published on the website.