31 Jan

In my opinion, the topic of New Year's resolutions is surprisingly polarizing. I think, if we're honest, that most of us fall into the "I have good intentions but can't stick with it" category, while even fewer of us actually accomplish real change in our lives. If you're anything like me, you have lofty goals of 1. Losing weight, 2. Getting in shape, 3. Learning a new skill, 4. Making time for a hobby, 5. Volunteering more, 6. Eating healthier, 7. Being a better friend, 8. Being a better spouse, 9. Praying more, 10. Swearing less, 11. Getting more sleep, etc.. sound familiar?

I think that ultimately our goals are well-intentioned but probably far too ambitious. Not to sell ourselves short but let's face it- we all have a LOT on our plates already. Adding to that 10+ resolutions (aka big new habits/life changes) and we're bound to fail. The good news? This is where we can help! Make skincare a priority and I promise you'll feel better about yourself, improve your general outlook, have more energy/motivation, and also relish in the pride of accomplishment and sticking to a goal. Add to that your newfound great skincare habits, a morning and evening routine that's not only just for YOU but supremely rewarding. It's amazing what a monthly facial can do for your mindset! So, Make 2024 the year of self-love and self-care and I guarantee you'll have abundantly more to give to everyone else in your life.

If you haven't been in recently, we'd love to welcome you back- we've likely made a few changes since we last saw you. As always, I try to deliver everything in bite-sized pieces so you get the pertinent info without having to read a novel; please feel free to let me know what you like or don't like, or how I can make these newsletters better and more useful for you!

As a reminder, we do not accept appointment requests through email or social media messenger. Please only reply to this email if we've specifically solicited a response, as the inbox is largely unmonitored. To book an appointment, please click this link or call/text (615) 412-8552.

Here are the bullet points for the month if you want to skip ahead:

  • Staff favorites: Shea
  • Service highlight: SaltFacial
  • Schedule change: Walk-In Wednesday
  • Introducing: Wish lists
  • Updated sick-call policy 
  • Cherry financing

Thank you all!

With love,

Jen & the Allyn Aesthetics team


Staff Favorites: Shea

Favorite Product: Allyn Aesthetics Radiant Defense

Why I love it: "As we age we tend to lose that youthful glow. You want it back? Radiant Defense am and pm!! It's also got 5% Vitamin C to give it an extra punch."


Favorite Treatment: Laser Hair Reduction
Why I love it: "This is a no-brainer. I don't know many people who love to shave... I sure didn't! Ingrown hairs, razor rash - no thank you! Laser Hair Reduction is life changing! And affordable! If you have dark hair and want to ditch the razor, come see me!"

Favorite Aesthetic Service: Cheek Filler
Why I love it: "Two words: Instant Gratification. Most everything we do in this line of work requires a "series of treatments for best results" and this is why filler is so much fun! You walk out of your appointment with cheeks or lips or a jawline - it's amazing! And Allyn Aesthetics will never send you out looking fake or done - just the best version of you! Ask me about my cheek filler journey anytime!" 

Service Highlight: SaltFacial

The SaltFacial is by far our most popular facial treatment and is our go-to for anyone looking to change their skin! With the healing and humectant properties of sea salt, the SaltFacial brings new life to dull, aging skin. Read below to learn how it works:

The SaltFacial® is a facial treatment that can address a variety of skin concerns, such as acne, scars, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and texture, as well as stubborn conditions such as eczema and rosacea. How is this possible? The SaltFacial® uses a revolutionary three-step procedure that combines natural sea salt exfoliation, ultrasound technology, and LED light therapy. This trio comes together to rejuvenate, replenish, and brighten the complexion for healthier glowing skin on the face and body. It is safe for all skin types and skin tones, and it can be performed any time of the year. With the three The SaltFacial® steps, you can expect a real, long-lasting change for beautiful, healthy, smoother skin! Here's what your treatment will look like:

Step one includes sea salt exfoliation using a specialized handpiece that allows for closed-loop sea salt exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. May be customized from light exfoliation to deep resurfacing.

Exfoliation is followed by an ultrasonic facial massage that uses sound waves to create channels between skin cells, allowing for deeper penetration of treatment products. A variety of hydrators, correcting serums, and peels are available for use during this step; you and your practitioner will decide together on the best option to meet your skin's needs.

The third and final step is LED light therapy. You'll be placed under the lamp for 9-20 minutes depending upon the light wave chosen for your skin's particular needs- your practitioner will recommend the best option for you. LED light may be used to correct pigment, decrease the appearance of facial vessels, improve acne, induce collagen production, improve tone and texture, and reduce inflammation.
Sign up for our Deluxe Membership and benefit from monthly SaltFacials!
Book a SaltFacial today and experience the Allyn Aesthetics difference- your skin will thank you! 

Schedule Update: Walk-In Wednesday

Walk-In Wednesday has been a hit overall but admittedly unpredictable in terms of volume. Some days are hoppin' and others nothing but crickets.

So, in order to make the best use of Allie's time, Walk-In Wednesday will now be offered only on the first Wednesday of the month. In the event of a holiday or a time that we're closed, the walk-in special will be available the following week.

Here's the 2024 schedule:

January 3
February 7
March 6
April 3
May 1
June 5
July10 (we're closed the week of the 4th)
August 7
September 4
October 2
November 6
December 4 

Introducing: Wish Lists

Gift cards are ALWAYS a great idea but did you know we also offer gift certificates? These are customizable and can be filled out to include a specific service, if you'd rather do that than just give $$.

Also, in an effort to make it easier for your loved ones to purchase a gift for you, we're introducing the Allyn Aesthetics wish list. We will have these available in electronic form- just ask Cat, Kinz, or your service provider to add it to your profile for you to fill out at your convenience. We can then refer back to it if someone comes in looking to buy you a gift!  

Updated Sick-Call Policy

As a reminder, we require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for cancellation and rescheduling. We've historically given some grace to those who are sick or have sick children, and not enforced the late-cancellation fee on those occasions. However, the number of you that abuse our sympathies is overwhelming and, honestly, really disappointing. We try our best to give you the benefit of the doubt, but when you coincidentally have an illness or emergency on the same day as your appointment month after month, we can't help but feel
we're being taken advantage of.

What you fail to realize is that every time you leave a last-minute hole in the schedule you are not only costing the business revenue that your service provider counts on, but you're taking an opportunity away from another client who would have loved to have that timeslot.

Effective immediately, all clients will be allowed 3 sick/emergency calls per year.
If you exceed those, you will be charged $50 per occurrence, as per our policies.

Need a refresher on our rules and regulations? Please visit our website or your client profile where there is a signed copy with your intake forms.  

Financing with Cherry

Did you know we offer financing through Cherry? 

This is a simple, streamlined process with near-immediate approval for credit scores as low as 520. And, not only is the application process quick and painless, but it doesn't affect your credit! It's easy to choose your terms and manage all info/payments/etc directly from the app. 

Cherry is not a line of credit but rather an option like Afterpay to spread your payments out over time. After you're approved, your offer is good for 30 days and funds are only redeemable at Allyn Aesthetics.

Interested in seeing what you're qualified for? Here's the link

Have additional questions? Call/text us at (615) 412-8552.

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