01 Jun

Happy June everyone!

Back home, late Spring/early Summer brings " May gray" and "June gloom". Right smack in the middle of what should be the prettiest season, a marine layer of thick, gray, fog rolls in and over the coast. Talk about a mood-killer! So instead I move somewhere where the heat and humidity is so oppressive that you can't do a darn thing without needing a shower. Ugh. Seems just yesterday we were compaining about the cold and now it's about to be way too hot- we're never happy, are we??

It's this time of year that I'm most thankful for air conditioning and that I get to do what I love in such a comfortable space. June is historically Allyn Aesthetics' biggest month, and this will be our first June working together at this location, so we're expecting great things! That being said, the books are already filling up so be sure to snag your spot if you plan on visiting this month!

As always, I try to deliver this info in bite-sized pieces so you you get the pertinent info without having to read a novel- please feel free to let me know what you like or don't like, or how I can make these newsletters better and more useful for you!

Here are the bullet points for the month if you want to skip ahead: 

  • Best of Mt. Juliet Awards
  • Skincare update
  • Status report: "Walk-in Wednesday" 
  • 5-star client appreciation party
  • Philanthropy: give back and save!
  • Updated hours

Thank you for all you've done to support us and help us grow!

With love,

Jen & the Allyn Aesthetics team 

Best of Mt. Juliet Awards

The votes are in... drumroll please... and... we're BIG. FAT. LOSERS, ha ha. We didn't win, womp womp. Next year, expect to receive hourly reminders to vote so we can blow that competition out of the water!

All jokes aside, this is a really exciting accomplishment for less than a year in our new location. We are super grateful and honored to be a finalist in these 4 categories:

1. Best Medspa
2. Best Dermatology/skincare/aesthetician
3. Best massage/aromatherapy
4. Best nurse practitioner/practice (not gonna lie- this was a big, fat, teary one for me- I am so honored)

Thank you to all who voted- we couldn't do this without every single one of you!


Skincare Update

Those who know Shea and me know that we're skeptics who are not easily impressed, but . . . we're impressed with this new line of products. Like, really, really impressed. Next time you're in the office take a good look at our skin- it's clearer, smoother, brighter, more even, and glowing in a way it never has before.

If incredible results aren't enough to sway you, check out the other benefits you'll enjoy:

1. All products are clean. They are medical-grade, non-comedogenic, gluten-free, vegan (all but one), and cruelty free. There are no parabens or unnatural fragrances (most have no scent at all). They are powerful but without the "extras" that your body doesn't need.

2. Whenever possible, active ingredients are combined, meaning you have fewer bottles and steps in n your regimen (yay!). For example: the growth factor serum also firms, the retinol contains brighteners, and vitamin C is tucked in wherever possible.

3. 1% retinol is delivered in encapsulated "pearls", driving the product to the deeper levels of the dermis while remaining gentle on the surface of your skin (think little too no redness/irritation).

4. Several of the products contain vitamin C, our most potent brightener and antioxidant. My favorite in the line is a 20% vitamin C serum with ferulic acid (combats redness) and vitamin E- brightening and protective like no other!

5. Products are bottled in glass, meaning none of the product gets absorbed by the bottle and none of the harmful elements of a plastic bottle will leech into your product.

Look for the new products to be incorporated into your next facial and displayed on our retail shelf downstairs! If you've already bought some, don't be surprised if the names change a bit. We tried to be creative and simple but found that our names were so similar we couldn't remember what was what, ha ha. Those that have been adjusted should now be clearer about their purpose and easier to remember and use!

We will phase out those ZO products that are less popular but expect that we'll still keep and sell our favorite staples. As always, you can purchase ZO through our link and have it delivered right to you.

For those of you waiting anxiously for your products, we've been told that although our orders have come in quickly in the past, that 10-14 days is actually typical. We ordered on the 24th and they're making our labels as we speak, so we'll hopefully have everything here by the end of next week. If you've asked for something specific we'll shoot you a text when it gets in.

In all honesty, we never expected these new products to take off as quickly as they have, and definietly weren't prepared for the purchase volume we've had. Considering all of that, we're revamping our inventory process a bit and will make sure we have future orders in well before we run out of your favorites! Bear with us- we'll get you what you need!


Status Report: Walk-In Wednesday

Walk-In Wednesday has been a great success! Unlike our typical, fully-scheduled day, it's been fun to be surprised by who walks in the door!
Here are the details:

Walk in on a Wednesday from 9-2 and get tox for $10/unit
30 unit minimum purchase required prior to injection
(this is easy- most people need 40+).

Must provide a valid credit card for billing any additional units used
New clients: we'll give you 5 additional units free if you
complete your intake forms no later than the day BEFORE your visit.
Call or text (615) 412-8552 to request your forms.

If you walk in as a new client, expect that you'll have 5-10 minutes of paperwork to complete prior to your injections (unless you do them online), and a few additional minutes for Jen to review and approve (plan on a 30-minute visit)

Walk-in visits are for non-members only
Clients requiring extra time for numbing, extended consults, needle-related anxiety, or any other need requiring a longer appointment will be asked to schedule a regular tox visit on another day.


5-Star Client Appreciation Party

As a thank you for restoring our 5-star rating on Google, albeit temporarily, we're throwing YOU a party! We're not letting that pesky one-star get us down- you deserve a bash and it'll be epic!

Here are the details:
June 29, 2023
Food, drinks, vendors, demos, prizes, and lots of oportunities to save big!

*All attendees will receive a 5-star punch card. Each star is good for 10% off 5-separate, future visits OR- party day only- use all 5 for 50% off a package of Ultherapy, EvolveX (body sculpting), Morpheus8, Erbium, or the biggies: Collagen Reset and Total Face Refresh.

*Show us your 5-star review and get a 50% off coupon good toward one service or product. Here's the link if you haven't yet left yours!

*One-day only specials on filler, hydrafacial, and July memberships.

*All attendees will receive one raffle ticket for every dry good donation they bring in for the MJ Help Center. Get an extra ticket when you RSVP (must come to the party for that ticket to be valid)


Philanthropy: Give Back and Save!

As members of the Mt. Juliet community, we're not only committed to giving back, but want to make it easier for you to do it too! We've added a philanthropy page to our website with information about some of our favorite MJ organizations, with links to their web and donation sites. We've also added a dry goods collection bin to our lobby, for those items most needed by the Mt. Juliet Help Center. 

As an added incentive, we'll give you 10% off your visit if you bring in a donation or show us your receipt for a donation you made online. We're so hoping that together we can make a big impact for the people in our community who need it most!

Schedule Update

For some reason, Tuesday afternoon is just not a popular day/time for appointments. Most days we're done by 2 so, until further notice, assume that we are not open after 2 on Tuesday. If that is the only day/time that works for you just shoot us a message- we're happy to stay open to see you!  

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