02 Mar

March is always a tough one for me. While I'm excited at the prospect of more sunshine and warmth, and FINALLY getting to move into our new house, the anniversary of the day I lost my sweet dad continues to cast a shadow over everything. As the grief is an ever-present entity in my life, I find it so hard to believe that we've now been without him for 3 years.

As I've gotten to know so many of you, I've learned of great sadness and loss in your own lives. I've cried with you, I've admired your resilience, and I've felt comforted by knowing I have a community that understands. I remain forever honored that you not only trust me with your physical appearance but that you share your lives, struggles, and victories with me. Getting to spend time with each of you is the absolute best part of this job and I feel so blessed to do this every day. To all of you who have held me up while I fell apart: thank you. I can't promise I won't still be a mess sometimes, but the ugly cries come less frequently, allowing for more smiles and laughs as my precious memories shine through.

If you haven't been in recently, we'd love to welcome you back- we've likely made a few changes since we last saw you! If you're new to us- welcome! As always, I try to deliver everything in bite-sized pieces so you get the pertinent info without having to read a novel; please feel free to let me know what you like or don't like, or how I can make these newsletters better and more useful for you! Also, as promised, the newsletters have now been uploaded to the website!

As a reminder, we do not accept appointment requests through email or social media messenger. Please only reply to this email if we've specifically solicited a response, as the inbox is largely unmonitored. To book an appointment, please click this link or call/text (615) 412-8552.

Here are the bullet points for the month if you want to skip ahead:

  • Best of Mt. Juliet Awards: voting now open!
  • Staff favorites: Allie
  • Service highlight: Pure Plasma
  • We have a blog
  • Understanding Skin Reactions: Anticipated, Adverse, and Allergic
  • March is Membership Month!
  • Cherry financing: Nothing new, just a reminder for those new to us and a link to apply

Thank you all!

With love,

Jen & the Allyn Aesthetics team 

Best of Mt. Juliet Awards

It's that time again!

Because of your amazing support we were finalists in 4 categories last year!

We want to sweep it this year but we need your help again!

We are nominated in the following 5 categories
(all listed under the "services" heading):

Hair Salon
Nurse Practitioner

In order for your vote to count, you need to vote in at least 5 categories- you can easily meet that if you vote for us in all 5 of the above categories.

You can vote as often as once per hour from as many email addresses as you have!

Here's the LINK

Staff Favorites: Allie

Favorite Product:

ZO Exfoliating Polish

"This is my holy grail. It is just that good. Dead skin be gone! Dry/flaky/dull skin? See ya! It’s so satisfying to see the post scrub glow the ZO Exfoliating Polish gives your skin. It is a product I use every single morning before I apply my products.
I always say that serums may come and go, but ZO’s Exfoliating Polish is for life!!!” 

Favorite Treatment

Pure Plasma"I love that Pure Plasma pretty much targets it all! Laxity, pore size, scarring, tone, texture, active acne, hyperpigmentation, etc! It truly does it all. Pure plasma is also SO good for those pesky under eyes that always bother everyone as we age- we can treat up to lash line on both the bottom AND the top of the eyes! It’s been so exciting seeing all the transformations from Pure Plasma. I also love that we can layer different modalities with Pure Plasma, such as PRF and Morpheus 8.
It’s a team player and a stand alone all-star treatment!” 

Allie's Daily Skin Care Routine:

MorningZO Gentle Cleanser
ZO Exfoliating Polish
ZO Complexion Renewal Pads
ZO Daily Power Defense
Hydrinity Vivid Brightening serum
Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment
PCA sheet tint SPF (doubles as my foundation)

Night1st Cleanse - ZO Gentle Cleanser
2nd Cleanse - ZO Exfoliating Cleanser
ZO Complexion Renewal Pads
ZO Daily Power Defense
Hydrinity Vivid Brightening Serum
ZO Growth Factor Eye Serum
Allyn Aesthetics Restore All-Trans Retinol
ZO Growth Factor Serum 

Service Highlight: Pure Plasma

Pure Plasma is a state-of-the-art aesthetic treatment that provides effective minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation. It works to reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and improve skin texture and tone. The platform uses ionized gas to form plasma, and a thermal effect that is applied directly to the skin’s surface. But unlike lasers, the plasma energy does not destroy tissues.

With so many in-office aesthetic skin treatments available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. But with Pure Plasma, patients can achieve revitalized skin without the hassle of an extended recovery period. What’s more, treatments can address even the most delicate areas, such as the areas around the eyes.

Pure Plasma technology is designed to provide the best possible results for practitioners and patients alike. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin, and we strive to provide the most effective results. Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, improve sun-damaged skin, or want a smoother, more youthful complexion, Pure Plasma is an effective solution.

Prices start at the following, but may change due to individual needs. Consultation required.
Eyes: $750
Peri-Oral ("smoker's lines"): $500
Neck: $500
Decollete: $500
Hands: $500
Face: $1500*
Face + Neck: $1750*
Face + Neck + Decollete: $1950*
Body: Priced per size of area; will discuss in consultation.

*Includes post-care products 

New Blog

In this industry we are constantly learning and teaching, but it's easy to become complacent and fall back on our typical "scripts" when teaching our clients. This year we're challenging ourselves to seek more and varied educational opportunities, and to improve how we deliver that information to you.

Monthly newsletters are helpful, as are in-office conversations, but it can be hard to remember what you heard or read (this is why we send consultation recap emails!)

In an effort to make information more readily accessible we now have all back issues of the newsletter uploaded to the website and we've started a blog! Hear from your favorite staff members on topics near and dear to their hearts while learning how to better care for yourself.

Have a topic you'd like to hear more about? Reply to this email and we'll get working on it!

Skin Reactions: Anticipated, Adverse, and Allergic

No matter how much we try to prepare client for the downtime associated with treatments such as peels, microneedling, or light and energy-based treatments, we invariably still get some panicky messages when skin gets inflamed, itchy, rashy, irritated, abraded, scabby, weepy, etc.

In most cases, this is what we call an "anticipated reaction". This means that we expect the skin to go through a period of adjustment after the products or treatments you've had.

Sometimes, reactions may be considered "adverse" if it's not necessarily expected but also not allergic. For example, someone who gets nauseated when they take certain medication is experiencing an adverse response, but it doesn't mean that they are allergic to the medication- make sense?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine an anticipated reaction from an allergic reaction, because sometimes they present similarly, with localized redness, itching, or a rash-like appearance.
Ultimately, most reactions are simply irritating and can be managed with soothing topicals and oral antihistamines (benadryl and pepcid, for example). No, you probably don't need a steroid shot, though that's probably what you'll get if you go to urgent care or your PCP. In my opinion, the risk of steroid administration is not talked about nearly enough and they're often handed out like candy, when in actuality they're not necessarily more helpful than taking an NSAID (Motrin, Advil, etc) and an antihistamine, and come with far higher risk.

If you develop a full-body rash or rash to your trunk, for example, when only your face was treated, you may be having an allergic reaction.

Here's when to seek emergent care:
Itchy or swollen tongue
Difficulty swallowing
Racing heart
Dizziness or light-headedness
Sweating (for no reason or while feeling clammy)
Vision changes
Change in mentation (becoming confused or lethargic)

We would much rather you contact us than not if you have any concerns,
but here are a few "dos" and "don'ts" that'll hopefully help:
1. DON'T panic- you are probably fine.
2. DON'T go run and ask your neighbor whose cousin's friend completed a semester of nursing school and now sells Rodan and Fields.
3. DON'T Google your symptoms.
4. DON'T put anything on the treatment area other than what you were told by your treating provider.
5. DO read back through your pre-visit paperwork- chances are it addresses exactly what you're experiencing.
6. DO snap a few pics and text them to us at (615) 412-8552.
7. DO follow our treatment instructions.
8. DO take us up on our offer to see you in the office- after all, we know our products, equipment, services, and treatments better than anyone else and can advise you better than someone who hasn't been involved in your care.


March is Membership Month!

Memberships can be a great way to save money for those clients that plan to be in here often or want to partake in some of the pricier treatments. In some ways, memberships act like a payment plan enabling you to take advantage of some of the higher level services at a discount while spreading the payments out over a year.

Memberships start on the 1st and the 15th of the month so you have 2 opportunities to take advantage of our March Membership special (maybe a b-day gift to yourself??). See below for the details:
Anyone who signs up for a new or upgraded membership this March will receive one free month. That means that if you sign up March 1st or 15th, your benefits will extend to that corresponding day in April 2025!!

An additional month of membership could potentially save you thousands!
There is certainly never any pressure to join, but in case you’re still thinking about it here’s a breakdown of the memberships we currently offer:  

$99/mo ($1,188/year)
Annual value: $1,680
Includes one signature facial + LED monthly

$199/mo ($2,388/year)
Minimum annual value (before additional service discounts): $2,780

Membership benefits:
50% off upper face tox injections (> $1,000 value)
Monthly signature facial ($1,680 value)
$100 (one time) to put toward skincare
10% off all other aesthetic and body sculpting services (unlimited value)

$299/month ($3,588/year)
Minimum annual value (before additional service discounts): $5,600

Membership benefits: All upper face tox injections included ($2,500 + value)
1 SaltFacial, hydrafacial deluxe, or dermaplane facial monthly ($3,000 + value)
$100 back, one time, to spend on skincare
20% off all other aesthetic and skin care services.

$699/mo ($8,388/year)*
Minimum annual value (before service and product discounts): $16,250 

Membership benefits:
One Ultherapy face + neck ($5,250 value)
One Pure Plasma face + neck ($1,750 value)
Three Morpheus8 face and neck ($3,750 value)
One SaltFacial, Hydrafacial Deluxe, or dermaplane facial monthly ($3,000+ value)
Unlimited upper face tox ($2,500+ value)
20% off all other skincare, aesthetic, and body sculpting services (unlimited value)
10% off products (unlimited value)*Sign up in March to get in on a year at this introductory price!  Starting in April, the Platinum membership will increase to $799/month ($11,988/year). 

$99/month ($1188/year)
Annual value: $1,680Membership benefits: 4 tans/month (save > $10 per tan)

$399/month ($4,788/year)
Potential annual value: $10,000+Membership benefit: Unlimited laser hair reduction 

Body Sculpt
$599/month ($7,188/year)
Minimum annual value (before additional discounts): $16,800Membership benefits: Unlimited (max 1 per week) single area body sculpting
20% off all additional areas

Here’s the fine print: 

1. Memberships hold no dollar value in themselves. Funds are not transferable toward any other service.

2. Membership benefit must be used monthly or it is lost; dollar value/services do not accrue.

3. In case of cancellation prior to the completion of a 12 month membership commitment, the client is responsible for the full cost of services received, less the membership fee already paid.

4. Two valid forms of payment are required.5. Treating provider reserves the right to say, "enough is enough". These decisions are always made with your best interest in mind- we're here to maximize your results, not to jeopardize your safety or make you look ridiculous ;)

We encourage everyone to just do the math: all prices are listed on the website so add up what you’d like to do over the course of a month or a year and see if the numbers make sense.

If interested in getting started, please text or call (615) 412-8552 and we'll get you set up!

Looking for Financing Options? Check out Cherry!

Did you know we offer financing through Cherry? 

This is a simple, streamlined process with near-immediate approval for credit scores as low as 520. And, not only is the application process quick and painless, but it doesn't affect your credit! It's easy to choose your terms and manage all info/payments/etc directly from the app. 

Cherry is not a line of credit but rather an option like Afterpay to spread your payments out over time. After you're approved, your offer is good for 30 days and funds are only redeemable at Allyn Aesthetics.

Interested in seeing what you're qualified for? Here's the link

Have additional questions? Call/text us at (615) 412-8552.

* The email will not be published on the website.